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Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm

Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm
Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm
Prekės ID: 2002893765
Prekės kodas: PS MH-D212
Ar turime: 4 - 8 darbo dienos
Universalios sujungtos lygiagretės Marbo MH-D212 104 cm Pigiau, Greitas prekių pristatymas į namus ar biurą. Įsigykite prekes internetu pigiau.
Kaina: 111,09€ Kaina AivaShop pinigais: 111

Stationary adjustable handrails for exercises MH-D212 are designed for training many muscle groups.

They take up little space - it's perfect home equipment. The simple, trouble-free design allows you to carve abdominal muscles on them, doing leg lifts, and arm muscles thanks to the possibility of practicing Swedish push-ups.

By using a strong 40x40 mm profile for their production in combination with a fi30 mm pipe, they achieve a maximum strength of 200 kg.

The handrails are powder painted black and red.

See what exercises you will do with the MH-D212 handrail

  • Swedish pumps
  • French pumps
  • Raising your legs hanging down
  • Pumps on handles


Applied solutions

Handrail height adjustment

The MH-D212 handrails are height adjustable.

You have two levels of adjustment, 86 cm and 95 cm.

Thanks to this solution, you can adapt them to your height to make training even more comfortable.

Adjustable bottom bar

The MH-D212 handrails have an adjustable lower crossbar, which increases the range of exercises that can be performed and acts as a reinforcement for the entire structure.

You can adjust the crossbar from 29 cm to 44 cm.

Adjustable handrail spacing

You can easily adapt the MH-D212 handrails to your requirements by setting the spacing of your choice.

The adjustment is smooth, in the range from 42 cm to 109 cm.

Four pressure knobs ensure that the handrails are locked securely in a fixed position.

Increased range of exercises

Adjustable handrails MH-D212 have an additional, 12 cm long, pump handle.

By placing it outside the handrail, you can do exercises like French push-ups more easily.

In combination with height adjustment, bottom bar and the possibility of disconnection, the MH-D212 handrails create a device for comprehensive training using your own body weight.

Plastic feet

We know perfectly well that equipment intended for home use must be adapted so that it can be placed on any type of surface. Regardless of whether you have parquet, tiles or exotic wood planks in your home, you will be able to put the MH-D202 handrails anywhere!

Thanks to the use of plastic feet for the legs of the stand, you can be sure that it will not scratch your floor.

A set of tools included

The device comes with a set of wrenches in sizes 13 and 17. The set includes tools necessary for self-assembly of our product.

Home line - equipment for home use

Marbo Home series products are designed for beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts, starting their adventure with the gym.

The equipment is thought out in such a way that it is as functional as possible and simple to assemble. The Home series equipment is made of a durable 40x40 mm profile, guaranteeing stability incomparable with Chinese benches from the corresponding price range. The aesthetics of workmanship is emphasized by elegant red and black upholstery on a thick three-centimeter sponge and powder coating.

To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center.

The result of these tests are the Security Certificate and Top Security Certificate, which we received for devices from the Home line.

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