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Stovas grifams Marbo MP-S213

Stovas grifams Marbo MP-S213
Stovas grifams Marbo MP-S213 Stovas grifams Marbo MP-S213 Stovas grifams Marbo MP-S213
Prekės ID: 2002879161
Prekės kodas: PS MP-S213-k1
Ar turime: 4 - 8 darbo dienos
Stovas grifams Marbo MP-S213 Greitas prekių pristatymas į namus ar biurą. Įsigykite prekes internetu pigiau.
Kaina: 599,49€ Kaina AivaShop pinigais: 599

The MP-S213 barbell rack is a professional solution for storing barbells and bars. Thanks to it, it will be easier for you to maintain order.

The compact design of the rack frame means that the whole device takes up little space and works well in rooms with a smaller area.

Thanks to the use of thick 80x40 mm profiles with a 3 mm wall, you can put barbells with a total weight of up to 400 kg on the rack.


Applied solutions

Safe hook shape

We designed the hooks of the rack in such a way as to prevent accidental slipping of the neck from the rack.

Rubber feet

We equipped the stand with non-slip feet made of thick rubber. They make the stand will not move even on a slippery surface.

Solid construction

The frame of the rack is made of 80 x 40 x 3 mm profile and 3 mm sheet metal, which makes the whole structure have incredible strength up to 400 kg!

The 102 x 84 cm base means that the stand takes up little space. The stand has a modern look, this equipment will decorate your gym!

Professional Line - equipment for commercial use

The best thing that can happen to a real bodybuilder - the Marbo Professional series.

The equipment in this line has a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard and can be used in commercial and public gyms. Experience the pleasure of exercising on the best equipment on the market! Class: S - Equipment intended for commercial use.

To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standards by the European Quality Center.

The result of these tests are the Safety Certificate and Top Security Certificate, which we received for devices from the Professional line.

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