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Visico LED-20A (+Baterija F770 ir Įkroviklis) 3200K, 5500K, 7800K

Visico LED-20A (+Baterija F770 ir Įkroviklis) 3200K, 5500K, 7800K

Visico LED-20A (+Baterija F770 ir Įkroviklis) 3200K, 5500K, 7800K
Prekės ID: 2001035290
Firma: Visico
Prekės kodas: SG-1NIN053120
Ar turime: 2 - 3 darbo dienos
Visico LED-20A (+Baterija F770 ir įkroviklis) 3200K, 5500K, 7800K geriausia kaina tik elektroninėje parduotuvėje Pirk šiandiena ir pristatysime per dvi dienas.
Kaina: 83,99€ Kaina AivaShop pinigais: 84

1. High brightness, low heat, Low power consumption, the perfect light source. LED adopt to luminescence technology, no skin damage from heat for human body. 
2. Continuous light, non-flickering lighting, sepcial suitable for photography and video. 
3. Good mute effect, creat silent environment for camera shooting, reduce post production time.
4. Standard color temperature, color rendering is more than 93%, truly show object color.
5. Adjustable color temperature from 3200K to7800K. use cooperatively with mix light source of different color temperature. Can see the lighting on the filmed object at the first time, and predict shooting effect in advance. 
6. Optional 3200K, 5500K, or 7800K
7. Energy-efficient, long working life. LED's use life is more than 30000hours under correct current and voltage. 
8. LED is made from environmentally friendly materials, can be recycling and reusing. Unlike fluorescent lamp's hydrargyrum will cause pollution. 
9. Fast response speed, instantly start and restart. Meet photographer's lighting for urgent shoot
10. Output power stepless adjustable 
11. Using the same battery for Sony Camcorder 
12. suitable forvideo, micro film and photography. 

working voltage:7.2V-14V
color temperature(K):3200-7800
number of LEDs: 8(PCS)
color rendering:≥93
beam angle:±95°
brightness adjustment:touch-tone stepless dimming
color temperature adjustment:touch-tone stepless adjust

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